Rebranding of Gepherrini – New slogan and logo

Gepherrini | რებრენდინგი brandit ის შესრულებით

Rebranding of Gepherrini – New slogan and logo

Georgian brand Gepherrini has been operating in Georgian market more than 2 years, offering high quality bags to its customers.
Starting from now company  will continue operation with new logo and slogan. On rebranding of Gepherrini has worked advertising agency Brandit. Creative director Giorgi Bakhutashvili shortly introduced this project.

What is the new concept of Gepherrini logo?

We were thinking about several options in a process of creating new logo. We wanted to include the main advantages and differences of Gepherrini in a new logo. Shapes of bags, colors, style. Finally, we come up to this design, where the main concentration is on “G”, the first letter of the name of company. Logo is simple, understandable, links brand origin with the world.

GEPHERRINI Logo design

What is the new slogan?

“When inspiration in limitless” – this slogan fully shows the different concept of the brand.

What was the reason of rebranding Gepherrini?
As you know, Gepherrini exports bags in different countries of the world. Such countries are: USA, France, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Company had been using different slogans and logos for these countries, after rebranding company will use only new logo and slogan. Gepherrini has big future plans and the brand really needed good logo and slogan.

Gepherrini | რებრენდინგი brandit ის შესრულებით

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