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We gathered here different types of people, some of us like tea and not coffee, for others opposite is true. Some of us prefers sipping red wine, while others drink cold beer. And this is just today, since tomorrow might be completely reverse. We might say no to coffee or tea and open grandma’s fruit juice. This is just because we do not like a drab life, everything easily predictable is boring. We like thinking, which takes us where others cannot reach.

Three years ago, we would have responded modestly, that we are trying to create something different. But today we can proudly say that we really are creating something different, which is proved by our quite large portfolio.

Our totem is a spinning top. Why spinning top? Because it describes our character. We are always working and if you ever see us stopped  this is just a temporary. Every new connection puts us back to work.
We are Brandit, hi!

We are always concentrated on each current project. This helps to create high quality product. We understand, that time is money and always trying to do the projects in time or before deadline.
Our mission is to help Georgian and foreign companies, in business development and take our part in their success.

  • Responsibility
  • Highest quality service
  • Fast Service
  • Professionalism

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