Brandit – A new member in Advertising Business

Brandit – A new member in Advertising Business

Startapers are really brave people. Can you imagine how much work does it need to start a new business, it’s like starting a new life. If you don’t have enough experience you should learn.  You may even think about giving up, but if you do not dare, you cannot start. For me a person, who tries to establish a new business in the field that is already developed is really very courageous.

Today I would like to introduce you “Brandit”, company that offers advertising services to the customers at an attractive price. Offering fast and quality service in a reasonable price is Brandit’s main goal.

The company was found in 2016, by Marketer Giorgi Bakhutashvili. Before starting his own business Giorgi was working as a marketer in different companies and gained important experience in working with other advertising companies. This experience enabled him to start his own advertising business, advantage of which would be quality, fastness and a low price.

Gepherrini logo, ლოგოს დამზადება, ლოგოს დიზაინი, ლოგოების შექმნა, ლოგოების დამზადება, ლოგოს დამზადების ფასი, ბრენდინგი, ბანერების დამზადება, ლოგოტიპის შექმნა, ლოგოტიპების დიზაინი, ოპტიმიზაცია, facebook დიზაინი, ვებგვერდის დიზაინი, ლოგოების დიზაინი, ლოგოტიპების დამზადება, saitebis damzadena, logoebis damzadena, saitis damzadeba, logos damzadeba,Creative, branding, naming marketing consulting, digital marketing, social media management, planning of advertising campaigns and media placement – these are  an incomplete list of services that “Brandit” offers to its customers. The name of the company itself means that they can turn your product into a brand.

What makes “Brandit” successful are its employees. Company plans to increase number of employees in the nearest future.

Despite the fact, that “Brandit” is a new company, portfolio of already done works is quite impressive. All projects are important for them, but they are most proud with “GEFERRINI”, an international brand producing bags.

Brandit – A new member in Advertising Business

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