Brandit | History of Georgia startup

Brandit | History of Georgia startup

Brandit has been operating on Georgian market for more than 1 year, company was created by friends. As Giorgi Bakhutashvili told to Businesspressnews the goal of the company is to offer high quality service in a reasonable price “ Brandit was found 1 year ago. I, my wife and other our friends are marketers as a profession and this made us to think about creating our own advertising agency” told Giorgi Bakhutashvili.

What kind of services do company offer to its customers?

Branding, Naming,  Marketing consultation; Digital marketing; Social media management; Advertising campaigns, etc. The high demand has branding, logo design and social media management.

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The quality of offered marketing services in Georgia market is quite high and many good products are created. Georgian companies step by step realize that without marketing it very difficult to establish itself on market.  Therefore, demand for marketing services is increasing.

How developed is the market and is it difficult to be successful?

There are many Advertising agencies, so competition is high. But if you want to achieve success it’s important to offer creative to your customers. In our case, the main advantage is that we offer high quality service in a low price.


Demand on marketing services emerged not long ago. By now it not easy to make customers to follow you. Sometimes they think that it’s just spending money.

Brandit is a member of Business award 2017, Why you decided to take part in this competition?

When you are  “startuper”, it’s very important to increase awareness, so this project help us to become our company more familiar to the customers.

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